Tech Reborn is evolving… (April Fools)

EDIT: This post was an April fools joke.

Two years ago, Tech Reborn recieved it’s first commit. Now, it would be months before anything would come of it, but here we are today, at the second anniversary of Tech Reborn.

It’s been a long ride, just a few weeks ago Tech Reborn hit a million downloads. Tech Reborn started initially as a remake of GregTech 2, as an addon to Industrial Craft 2. Around last year, TR became standalone-capable. And now, this year TR will be transformed into a brand new experience entirely.

I present to you… Magic Reborn, the new replacement for Tech Reborn.

Magic Reborn has minimal difference from Tech Reborn for the moment, but in the coming months we have huge plans for a major transformation.

Magic Reborn has a few key differences from Tech Reborn. MagicReborn depends on Botania for full functionality at the moment, but hopefully we can work on fixing standalone support before release. All MR machines accept mana now, and we have removed compatibility for FE, Tesla, and EU to keep everything balanced.

Here’s a very early preview of what we have done so far:

We plan to continue our work to make MR the greatest magic mod in existence. As many of you will probably point out, Botania does not use GUIs, so as we continue development we will slowly start to phase out all of our GUIs in favour of more interactive and immersive alternatives.

This is a screenshot of Mana burst going into a Grinder.

As you can see bellow all the GUI elements have been updated to show the amount of mana in each block or item.

We are still fine tuning how much Mana each machine will consume. This will take a few days of play testing.

You can expect a beta release of Magic Reborn for 1.11.2 in the coming days. We are aiming for the 9th of April, as this will be exactly two years from when Tech Reborn began.

Following the release of MR, deprecated TR builds will continue to be available until further notice, however we will highly discourage the use of them in favour of the much more stable and balanced Magic Reborn.

Thanks for being interested in what the future will hold.

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