The move away from minecraft… (April Fools)


Yes this is an April fools joke. When I have more time I may start working on a proper Factorio mod. But that wont be for a while. Thanks for all the fun, and thanks for almost breaking my server.

Over the last couple of months we have been working hard to finish the big update for TechReborn. Minecraft is getting a little bit old and we would like to move our mod to a new platform. We have decided to start modding Factorio. The only issue in porting TechReborn to factorio is that it would require a full recode, we would not like to waste one year worth of work. So today I present you the tool we have been working on:

Minecraft mod converter:

Prospector has been helping me with this, and we finally go basic items working. It works by adding our converter mod to your forge instance, and then at runtime it looks though every mod that is installed and converts it to the Factorio lua code. At the moment is got some issues with other mods, but we start getting basic recipes loading, as you can see from chisel.

Our next step is to get blocks working, this will be slightly more challenging as we are moving mods from a 3d game to a 2d game. We will have to come up with a way to combat against this.

An early alpha version of this will be out within the coming weeks.

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